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There are a number of ways you can seek debt help. If you have multiple debts across a few credit cards, you can consolidate them with a consolidation loan or a balance transfer to a lower rate credit card. Maybe you can talk to your creditors and try to negotiate a lower lump sum payment or a lower rate or payment. If you want to get your creditors off your back without filing for bankruptcy, you can try negotiating with them or even hire the services of a credit counselor or debt settlement firm to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and help you establish a payment plan.

It is possible that, even with a strict budget , your monthly income just isn't large enough to cover your expenses and put a dent in your debt. This is when you might want to seek third party help from a debt help provider such as a debt management firm or a credit counselor.

Many people let debt pile up and don't get aggressive about taking control of their debt. If you're knee-deep in debt, you probably need to get debt help to get yourself back on solid financial footing. can help you evaluate your debt help options, from debt consolidation loans to credit counseling to debt resolution.

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I want to thank the folks that helped us come through our financial quagmire. Our journey was long and painful, your people led us by the hand and gave us hope that our future peace of mind was possible.
Kathleen & Reggie - Portland, OR

You saved my life. I have been in the program for a little over a year and have seen 2 of my 5 debts resolved. I still have a way to go, and the monthly program draft is a challenge for me to do, but I can sleep at night and I am not terrified to answer my phone or check the mail. I am on my way to be debt free and have determined that I will continue putting aside the $810 per month after I finish the program so there will be savings there to really start living again. I just wanted to say thank you for holding my hand.
Karen - Martin, TN